At ZA Packages we offer a comprehensive range of cardboard products, from a basic carton box to the most intricate and unique die-cut boxes. We specialize in providing the ideal packaging solutions for individual customers and deliver an exceptional customer service.

About Us

ZA Packages is a renowned organization all over the Pakistan. ZA Packages has a strong focus on the quality of our products. We don’t compromise on the quality of our products.

Our major milestone is the satisfaction of our diverse customers. We always strive hard to meet the commitment with our clientele. Our major clientele are exporters. We stress on the strength, dimension and quality of material. Our corrugated cartons are 100 % recycled. The credit of all success and growth goes to our motivated team members. We have joined hands to serve our industry and ultimately serve our beloved country.

Our Services

ZA Packages have the capability to create Corrugated boxes that perfectly accommodate your products and guarantee their secure delivery. Whether you require customized box printing or a uniquely designed box, our proficient team of designers and manufacturers excels in delivering top-notch solutions. We are assured that you will receive the exceptional service, aesthetics, and practicality you seek from our packaging solutions.

Regular Slotted Container


The RSC is the most common type of corrugated box. It consists of four flaps on the top and bottom, with the outer flaps meeting at the center when folded.

Full Overlap Slotted Container


The FOL box has flaps that fully overlap when folded. This design provides extra stacking strength and protection for the contents.


Custom Printed Boxes


Custom printed boxes can be made in various styles and sizes and are personalized with branding, logos, and artwork.

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